Feature 15

Type: Tree Stump


 Length: 2.6 ft

 Width: 1.5 ft

 Depth: 1.4 ft

Volume: 5.46 ft3

Area: 3.90 ft2

Excavation minimap

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Feature 15


by H. Trawick Ward

Feature 15, a tree stump hole, was located outside the village palisade and north of the cemetery at 318.8R69.3. Its maximum dimensions were 2.6 ft by 1.5 ft in plan view, and it had a depth of 1.4 ft. This feature was observed at the top of the subsoil as an irregular reddish brown loamy stain (Zone 1) with small patches of yellowish red mottled clay in the southeast corner and along the northeast edge. Flakes of charcoal and small pebbles were observed in the top portion of Zone 1; however, the fill quickly changed to a reddish yellow clay. This zone was devoid of artifacts although flecks of burned clay were encountered near the bottom of the pit. The irregular configuration of the feature continued as it was excavated, and the bottom was uneven with several cone-shaped depressions representing root channels.