Feature 41

Type: Storage Pit


 Length: 3.5 ft

 Width: 3.2 ft

 Depth: 1.9 ft

Volume: 21.28 ft3

Area: 11.20 ft2

Excavation minimap

Related Contexts:

Sq. 290R10

Feature 41


by H. Trawick Ward

This roughly circular feature was located at 288.5R5.0, between Structure 5 and the village palisade. It measured 3.5 ft by 3.2 ft and had a maximum depth of 1.9 ft. At subsoil, the feature appeared as a circular stain of dark brown organic fill (Zone 1) with animal bones, charcoal, and several potsherds, including parts of two Fredricks Plain jars (first, second). A metal pipe-bowl liner, glass beads, and clay pipe fragments also were found. A concentration of burned and unburned animal bones was located near the bottom of this zone. Several large rocks and potsherds were also associated with the burned bones. A second zone (Zone 2), comprised of mottled yellowish orange clay, was noted along the pit walls on the northern and southwestern sides of the feature. Underlying Zones 1 and 2, was Zone 3, a reddish brown, ashy loam with charcoal, burned clay, burned bone, and potsherds. This zone was particularly rich in charred plant remains and animal bone. It also contained an iron axe head, several clay pipe fragments, fire-cracked rocks, glass beads, and an ivory rosary bead. Zone 1 was 1.2 ft thick, whereas Zone 3 averaged 0.7 ft thick. Pit walls were straight and the bottom was flat.