Feature 28

Type: Storage Pit


 Length: 3.2 ft

 Width: 3.2 ft

 Depth: 3.0 ft

Volume: 30.72 ft3

Area: 10.24 ft2

Excavation minimap

Related Contexts:

Sq. 310R50

Feature 28


by H. Trawick Ward

Feature 28 was located between Structure 4 and the northwest end of the cemetery at 318.0R42.5. It was originally suspected to be a burial. The pit was circular in plan view, with a diameter of 3.2 ft and a depth of almost 3.0 ft. At the base of the plowzone, the feature appeared as a circular patch of dark brown loam (designated Zone 1) with flecks of charcoal and animal bone fragments. The outer edges were not well defined as the soil here was lighter in color and more mottled. In the middle of the feature the soil was very moist and somewhat ashy. Zone 1 contained burned and unburned animal bones, glass beads, a clay pipe stem, and other artifacts. At about 1.2 ft, Zone 1 changed to a lighter brown soil with clay. This was designated Zone 2. A large number of bear bones were noted at the intersection of Zones 1 and 2; however, as the depth of Zone 2 increased, the amount of bone decreased and preservation deteriorated. Beneath Zone 2 was a dome-shaped layer of brown mottled clay, labeled Zone 3. This zone averaged 0.8 ft thick and extended to the bottom of the pit. Zone 3 contained relatively little cultural material. The floor of the pit was flat and the walls flared outward at the bottom to create a bell-shaped profile.