Feature 33


by H. Trawick Ward

At subsoil, this feature had a fuzzy outline that appeared somewhat square. It measured 3.0 ft long by 2.6 ft wide by 1.7 ft deep and was located within Structure 5 at 281.5R25.9. A posthole intruded into the northern edge and was included as part of the feature excavation. The posthole fill was designated Zone 1 and was a reddish brown loam with charcoal and animal bones. The main fill of the feature, designated Zone 2, was a dark reddish brown ashy loam that contained charcoal, daub, animal bones, and part of a Fredricks Check Stamped jar. This zone averaged 0.7 ft thick and rested upon Zone 3 which was similar to Zone 2 but more heterogeneous. In addition to the dark reddish brown loam, Zone 3 also contained lenses of sandy ashy loam, brown yellow sand, and brown sandy clay. Zone 3 averaged approximately 1.0 ft thick. The pit walls were irregular with some insloping as well as undercutting.