Feature 39

Type: Shallow Basin


 Length: 2.1 ft

 Width: 1.6 ft

 Depth: 0.7 ft

Volume: 2.35 ft3

Area: 3.36 ft2

Excavation minimap

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Feature 39


by H. Trawick Ward

This was an irregular-shaped, shallow, oval basin located just inside the village palisade and east of Structure 6 at 308.2R39.8. It measured 2.1 ft by 1.6 ft in plan view and had a maximum depth of 0.7 ft. It appeared at the top of the subsoil as a patch of dark yellowish brown soil. This soil, which continued to the bottom of the pit, contained a few large potsherds, pieces of quartz, animal bone, stone flakes, and charcoal. Pit walls sloped slightly inward, giving the feature a basin shape.