Feature 57

Type: Pit


 Length: 2.4 ft

 Width: 2.3 ft

 Depth: 1.3 ft

Volume: 7.18 ft3

Area: 5.52 ft2

Excavation minimap

Related Contexts:

Sq. 210R30

Feature 57


by H. Trawick Ward

Feature 57 was located between Structure 12 and Structure 13 at 215.9R26.3. This cylindrical pit contained a single fill zone consisting of a mottled brown and yellow clay. Artifacts included a few pottery sherds, glass beads, and poorly preserved fragments of animal bone. These were concentrated at the top and bottom of the pit where the organic content was slightly higher.

The pit walls were straight and sloped into a flat bottom at a depth of 1.3 ft. The feature measured 2.4 ft by 2.3 ft across the top. It appears to have been filled rapidly with a homogenous clay subsoil mixed with a small amount of surface dirt. Although the pit may have originally served as a storage facility, it is relatively shallow compared with other features interpreted as storage pits.