Feature 38

Type: Shallow Basin


 Length: 2.5 ft

 Width: 1.3 ft

 Depth: 0.3 ft

Volume: 0.98 ft3

Area: 3.25 ft2

Excavation minimap

Related Contexts:

Sq. 300R20

Feature 38


by H. Trawick Ward

This feature was a shallow, oval pit located just outside the village palisade at 305.5R11.5. It measured 2.5 ft by 1.3 ft in plan view and had a maximum depth of 0.3 ft. The fill consisted of swirls of mottled orange clay with some charcoal flecks. It contained a glass bead, a few potsherds, and animal bones. The sides sloped inward in all directions, creating a conical profile.