Feature 60 (Burial 27)

Type: Burial


 Length: 4.1 ft

 Width: 3.6 ft

 Depth: 2.5 ft

Volume: 27.50 ft3

Area: 11.00 ft2

Excavation minimap

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Sq. 210R0

Sq. 210R10

Feature 60 (Burial 27)


by R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr.

Pit Morphology

Feature 60 (Burial 27) was a shaft-and-chamber burial located south of Structure 12 at the southwestern edge of the village (at 211.8R10.0). It was oriented along a northwest-southeast axis, with the burial chamber undercutting the northeast wall. Although this feature was identified and partly mapped in 1986, it was not excavated until 1995 when the final three 10-ft-by-10-ft units at the site (Sq. 190R10, Sq. 200R0, and Sq. 200R10) were exposed. At the top of subsoil, Feature 60 measured 4.1 ft long by 3.6 ft wide and appeared as an irregular patch of dark brown loam (designated Zones 1 and 1a) surrounded by a mixture of dark brown loam and orange mottled clay (designated Zone 2). Zones 1 and 1a contained charcoal, animal bone, glass beads, and other artifacts, and were about 0.3 ft thick. They were underlain by Zone 2 which extended about 2.5 ft to the bottom of the pit.

The pit morphology and placement of this burial, as well as the kinds of grave goods found, suggest that it may predate the Occaneechi village and be associated with a slightly earlier (c. 1670) occupation of the nearby Jenrette site.

Burial Deposition

Although the human remains were poorly preserved, the burial appears to be that of an adult of undetermined sex. The skeleton was loosely flexed and lying on the left side, with the head oriented toward the southeast.

Grave Goods

At least 10 small columella beads were observed in the neck area and apparently represent a bead necklace. Three small copper fragments and two small glass beads also were found while cleaning around bone, but it is uncertain whether they are grave goods or simply inclusions within the burial fill.