Feature 48

Type: Irregular Trench


 Length: 35.2 ft

 Width: 3.1 ft

 Depth: 0.4 ft

Volume: 32.45 ft3

Area: 81.12 ft2

Excavation minimap

Feature 48


by H. Trawick Ward

This designation was assigned to a 35-ft segment of a long, irregular trench that ran in a north-south direction and intruded Structure 10 and Structure 11. It averaged approximately 2.5 ft wide, 0.3 ft deep, and contained small amounts of pottery, rock, and European-made artifacts (primarily glass beads). Thin traces of this feature were observed at the north end of the excavation in 1985 but were not excavated. This earlier evidence, coupled with the 35-ft section excavated in 1986, indicate that the trench was at least 75 ft long. Although this feature certainly post-dates both structures, it cannot be firmly associated with later Euroamerican activity in the site vicinity. This conclusion is based on the fact that no Euroamerican artifacts were found in the trench that post-date the Occaneechi occupation of the site. The exact nature and function of this feature is unknown.