Feature 35

Type: Smudge Pit


 Length: 0.9 ft

 Width: 0.8 ft

 Depth: 0.6 ft

Volume: 0.43 ft3

Area: 0.72 ft2

Excavation minimap

Related Contexts:

Structure 6

Sq. 300R40

Feature 35


by H. Trawick Ward

This roughly circular, cob-filled pit was located at 307.8R36.6, measured 0.9 ft by 0.8 ft in plan view, and was 0.6 ft deep. It was the northernmost of three small pits (Feature 35, Feature 36, and Feature 37) aligned northeast-southwest and it intruded the Structure 6 wall trench. Fill was a mottled orange soil with dense charcoal comprised of wood and corncobs. The pit was conical in profile.