Feature 14 (Burial 11)


by H. Trawick Ward

Pit Morphology

Feature 14 (Burial 11) was located near the northwest end of the cemetery at 315.2R66.2. This burial pit, measuring 4.9 ft long by 3.1 ft wide, and 3.1 ft deep, was first observed as a soil stain of dark brown, ashy clay loam containing numerous animal bones, charcoal, pebbles, and pottery sherds. The upper fill, designated Zone 1, was 1.1 ft thick. Beneath Zone 1 was Zone 2, a brown, mottled, orange clay loam that contained lenses of mottled clay. The northwest two-thirds of Zone 2 contained a large amount of burned animal bone, charcoal, and other organic matter, and was similar to Zone 1. The southeast one-third of the zone, however, was comprised of an almost sterile mottled clay fill. The bottom zone, Zone 3, was a mottled dark loam with orange clay lenses. It was 0.5 ft thick and surrounded the body. Three of the pit walls sloped inward to intersect the flat pit bottom; however, the northwest wall was undercut slightly near the floor.

Body Deposition

The poorly preserved skeleton was of a young adult of indeterminate sex who was 17 +/- 3 years old at death. The body was loosely flexed and lay on its right side.

Grave Goods

Several artifacts associated with the burial were in clusters and appear to represent separate bundles or containers. The first cluster, located near the feet, contained several Cornaline d'Aleppo beads, vermillion and red lead, wire C-bracelets, and a snuff tin. An adjacent cluster contained a case knife, Jews harps, and pieces of lead shot. A cluster of Cornaline d'Aleppo beads was located adjacent to the right knee. In addition to these three artifact clusters, four pewter buckle frames were found on and near the skull (possibly part of a head band) and a large cord-marked ceramic bowl lay near the chest.