Feature 58


by H. Trawick Ward

Feature 58 was located just inside the west wall of Structure 13 at 195.3R36.3. At the top of the subsoil, this feature was observed to have two distinct zones of fill contained within an irregular oval outline. Zone 1, located in the southern half, was a dark brown loam with charcoal flecks. Other than a few poorly preserved fragments of animal bone, this fill was virtually sterile. Zone 2 consisted of a mottled orange clay and brown loam which was located in the northern half of the feature and beneath Zone 1. This fill was also sterile except for a few small bone fragments. After excavation, the feature measured 2.6 ft by 2.2 ft and was 0.8 ft deep. Given its irregular shape and shallow depth, it may have resulted from soil-recovery activities.