Feature 50 (Burial 12)


by H. Trawick Ward

Pit Morphology

This burial was placed in a shaft-and-chamber pit and was located in the southern part of the site at 183.4R36.5, just outside the palisade in what appears to be a southern entrance into the village. The pit was 2.4 ft long, 2.0 ft wide, and 1.1 ft deep.

Body Deposition

This burial contained the remains of an infant who was about six months old at time of death. Bone preservation was extremely poor, but it appears that the legs were flexed and the head pointed to the south-southwest.

Grave Goods

Brass bells, which preserved small fragments of cane matting, were found in the leg area. The presence of matting suggests that the body was wrapped prior to interment. A lead bale seal and several shell beads also were present in the leg area. At the landowner's request, all bones and associated grave goods were left in place and carefully covered with sand and clean soil.